Traditional Coffee – Espresso Intense Beans


Traditional Coffee – Espresso Intense Beans


Our espresso intense comes from the region of Tunia – Cauca, in the southwest of Colombia where the soil is formed from volcanic ash giving a naturally high content of organic material. This variety grows adjacent to a nature reserve where it is protected by three hectares of forest it gets the benefit of water wealth and great biodiversity.

This dark roasted coffee delivers a clean chocolate-like sweetness. Low medium acidity, creamy body and harmonious balance. It gives a pleasant and lasting aftertaste.

Omni grind (suitable for filter machines, percolators and cafetières)


Colombia, the land of Finest and Sustainably Harvested Coffee

Did you know that the coffee Industry in Colombia is owned by over 563,000 coffee growing families of which 95% of Colombia’s coffee producers have coffee plantations in an area smaller than 2 hectares (5 acres)? The reduced dimensions of their coffee plots have allowed maintaining an essentially family-oriented activity to the Colombian coffee growing industry. They believe their family are their most important priorities and are very keen on protecting and maintaining a strong set of family values. Also, with the perfect balance of rain, altitude and quality of the soil, thus, the people of coffee in Colombia is committed to produce high quality coffee with handpicked selected beans.

Weight250 g


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