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Shelton’s Coffee is a family run business based in Leicester, with over 40 years of tradition and passion for the best Colombian coffee. We take pride in supplying the highest quality of 100% single origin Colombian coffee, sustainably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted, direct from the crop to the cup.

Passionate about the Colombian roots of our founder, Ximena Shelton, we work closely with selected coffee growers in Colombia because we believe Colombian coffee is the best.

We source the finest grade of coffee beans and only use Arabica Colombian beans in all Shelton’s Coffee. The Colombian coffee industry is held in the hands of over 563.000 family-owned coffee plantations so we’re not supporting one mass producer but several families who handpick the coffee offering a highly selected and crafted variety.

We supply two different types of roasting as beans and grounds; our dark roast makes the perfect espresso with a rich creamy body but still respecting the original notes and characteristics of each crop, and our medium roast is smooth and silky bodied. The grinding process brings you a delicious Colombian coffee that’s ideal for cafetieres, filters, machines and hob coffee makers.

Being conscious about the new life style, the market’s need for outstanding quality coffee on the move and after 2 and a half years in research and development, we are proud to have created our Coffee Hearts as an instant revolution. They use the same quality Colombian Arabica beans of our traditional selection, but into simple, stylish and innovative Coffee Hearts that can be enjoyed whenever and wherever without using machines. They’re easy to use – you just pop one into your cup, add hot water and relax to enjoy the finest Colombian coffee wherever you are!

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